Words from the stars

Why we do this: Words from the Stars


‘It gives one the opportunity to reflect on one’s successes and achievements, and to continue to be inspired to reach for the Stars. I believe more organisation should put forward deserving candidates for awards such as these as part of continuous professional development. It is also a unique opportunity for organisations to position themselves as employers of choice, as they support the development of young professionals.’

Ronnie Mulaudzi, 2015 Manufacturing, Retail & FMCG Rising Star

‘These awards have gained significant traction as a notable honour in a very short space of time. Receiving an award of this nature is therefore an honour, and a welcome recognition of accomplishment……The programme has the ability to uplift and motivate people to strive for honours such as these, as well as create role models for up-and-coming talent to emulate. This is important for industry growth, and for developing our future leaders.’

Ravi Nadasen, 2013 Tourism & Hospitality Rising Star

‘The Rising Star Programme provides a phenomenal platform for cross industry networking amongst the winning candidates, which they would not otherwise have been exposed to. Undoubtedly, in years to come, today’s Rising Stars will be Tomorrow’s Leaders and the benefits of fostering relationships and networking will have an incredibly positive impact on the way we do business in corporate South Africa.’

Andrew Jackson, 2014 Manufacturing, Retail & FMCG Rising Star

‘Awards such as these play a key role in shaping the future. Recognition for a job well done is critical for the retention of remarkable talent, and this forum provides a platform for companies to acknowledge and appreciate all individuals in the workplace who set out to achieve higher than the mediocre.’

Siveshnie Moodley, 2013 Transport, Logistics & Security Rising Star

‘Awards such as these play a significant role in creating networks, as well as keeping one in touch with people – not only from the mining and minerals industry, but other industries as well. I will use this award not only to network with this great group of people, but to develop myself further as a leader, teacher and motivator.

Sandra Seabela, 2015 Mining & Minerals Rising Star

‘I appreciate awards such as Rising Star – our industry can be a very technical environment where technical expertise and brilliance are more easily acknowledged and celebrated. The Rising Star Awards create a more holistic platform for talent recognition and celebration.’

Adri De Beer, 2014 Energy & Chemicals Rising Star

‘Someone from my business at the time nominated me, and after going through each phase in the competition, my appreciation for the honour of being nominated increased exponentially. The judging process was tough and resulted in much introspection and soul searching. There were so many great entries in my sector, and many from first class organisations, so I was really humbled when it was announced I was the winner – the competition was certainly worthy!’

Caren Robb, 2014 Banking & Financial Services Rising Star

‘Companies – both corporates and entrepreneurs – should be more aware of the need for recognising talent externally. There is nothing better than external talent verification. Internal recognition is nice to have, but without external benchmarking from peer networks, it means nothing. Participating in external recognition initiatives such as awards help people understand where the standard is, and where they lie in measuring themselves against that standard. It can reinforce that you are on the right track, or help you understand where you need to improve to get there.’

Harry Welby-Cooke, 2014 Entrepreneur Rising Star

‘Benchmarking yourself in your industry is so important, as opposed to benchmarking yourself against internal company peer groups, which can be limiting. This is why awards such as Rising Star are so important – they provide a platform for young talent to show what they are made of in a tough industry.’

Tamzin Gray – 2013 ICT Rising Star

‘There are a lot of awards that are judged purely by the outcome, without regard for the process or realities of the industry that we face every day. That is why the Rising Star Awards are different – they take into account so many diverse facets of business that collectively contribute to success. They are a reminder, particularly to the younger people in the industry, that success isn’t measured simply in output, but by what you contribute across all aspects of business.’

Jessica Wheeler, 2015 Media & Marketing Rising Star

‘The Rising Star Awards are a great platform for candidates who are doing well in their industries, but who are not being recognised, especially outside their industries. It allows talent to be unearthed, encouraging them towards inspire to doing more, giving back to their communities and serving as role models for others. In the mining industry particularly, the industry giants are often recognised, but those in the background doing serious work often don’t have the same opportunity. The Rising Star Programme showcases that work, and provides a springboard for future success.’

Terance Nkosi, 2012 Mining & Minerals Rising Star

‘Awards like Rising Star occupy a special place in the world of professional services. We are an industry with only one asset – people. Whilst money can be a motivator – or at least the lack of it can be a strong demotivator – it is often non-monetary rewards that inspire people, and awards like these are an important such tool……if we are going to nurture exceptional professionals to meet high client expectations, then we need to have the right means of motivating and inspiring them, and the kind of public recognition that Rising Star provides has already proven to be highly effective in doing so.’

Rohitesh Dhawan, 2014 Professional Services Rising Star

‘Having to participate in this journey of self-reflection, realising your strengths and making note of your weaknesses through the written essays and questionnaires for myself as well as my mentor, gave me the opportunity to see how my company and my team view my leadership and me as an individual.’

Dr Kajal Lutchminarian, 2015 Service:  Public & Private Rising Star

‘Winning this award has elevated my profile as a businesswoman, and also the profile of my company…..(Awards such as Rising star are important because) The Award is an affirmation that you are exceptionally good at what you do, and confidence levels skyrocket as a result. It also helps your business grow – possible an unexpected side effect, but important nevertheless. People are more willing to listen and consider your offering, and potential clients often approach you instead of the other way around.’

Connie Mdladla, 2015 Transport, Logistics & Security Rising Star